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Litigation against Kelley

Click here for the entire PDF File indicating the appeals before the supreme court of Ohio.  Scroll down to Appeals Accepted for Review. The first two appeals listed include cases on behalf of 54 survivors, many of whom are Kelley victims. The Kelley victims are grouped into the appeal named Miller v. Archdiocese.
See exerpt below. 

Appeals before the State Supreme Court of Ohio

2005-0263. Miller v. Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
Hamilton App. Nos. C-040050, C-040170, C-040171, C-040233 and C-040347.
Discretionary appeal accepted. Motion to consolidate denied. Sua sponte, cause
held for the decision in 2005-0702 and 2005-0734, Doe v. Archdiocese of
Cincinnati, Shelby App. No. 17-04-10, 2005-Ohio-960.
Lanzinger, J., not participating.