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Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests - Tennessee




Aug. 23, 2018:  In light of the Grand Jury report just released from Pennsylvania, one truth is certain.  We are being lied to.  The cover-up continues.

We have long known that in Tennessee we are not told the truth by church officials.  We have begged to have the church open its secret files in Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis and present a comprehensive report on the molesting priests that have been assigned to our parishes and when they were assigned there.  The people in the pews have not heard us and so the hierarchy in this diocese and across Tennessee have done nothing.  

We, however, have heard the horrific stories of clergy sexual abuse in Tennessee.  We tracked the assignments of these priests ourselves through the Official Catholic Directory and found that 11 of the molesting priests have been assigned in the geographical area that is now the diocese of Knoxville.  

Bishop Richard Stika said he did not know these names . . . Really?  Did Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville not think it important to tell you, Bishop?  Stika and Kurtz may not care . . . but we do.  By the way, Bishop, it was very hurtful to the lady holding that sign that you did not know about Edward McKeown who had molested her son.  For future reference, do your homework if you really care about victims who have been molested in your diocese.

Demand that the voices of victims and Catholics in the pews be heard.  If the molesting priests reported to catholic officials throughout the years have intersected with parishes in the geographical area that is now the diocese of Knoxville, the people need to know the specifics.  This will further the healing of the victims.


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