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Letter from Elaine to all fellow survivors of priest sexual abuse

We have been asked to post the following letter.  "Elaine" wants all victim/survivors to read this and take heart.  Her words speak for themselves.  If you would like to report abuse, go to your local law enforcement authorities.  If you want the help of SNAP with our support groups and/or our representation with the authorities, just contact us.

If you would like to contact Elaine, click here.


To all in the dioceses of Knoxville and Charlotte as well as Minnesota,

In this letter that I want put out to other survivors ASAP, I am going to call myself Elaine because of some pending legals.  You will all know me media-wise soon enough. 


I am a true survivor of the disgraceful abuse in the Catholic church as we know it today. 


Not only am I a survivor of priest abuse, I am also the stepchild of an ex-seminarian.  From the age of 6, I was raped, molested and ritually abused by the hands of my stepfather as well as given freely to the appropriate priest within several different dioceses.  My abuse started in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the year 1971 at the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption.  When we moved abruptly to Minnesota, the same privileges were extended there to the campus of St. Thomas College. 


My stepfather felt the need to stay in close contact within the church.  As I see it today as the pieces of my horrific life come clearer, he had the need to offer his children for pleasure at all cost and not limited to drugging. 


Upon moving back to Charlotte, North Carolina, in January 1973, within no time he was well in contact with the correct dioceses where fellow pedophiles were.  In addition, we moved into the house owned by the diocese for the low rent of $100 a month . . . and the children.  There were, in fact, three of us (my brother, my sister, and myself) who have been in and out of therapy all our adult lives.  The ritual abuse continued within the Charlotte diocese until the family abruptly moved to Knoxville in the summer of 1977.


Upon moving to Knoxville, it was a matter of weeks before my stepfather was again in the correct diocese and portrayed his role as a “reader” at Mass and was exposing us children to the sickness.  Within one year, we were once again living on the property owned by the Knoxville Diocese next to St. Joseph School.  The rent was on $150 a month. . .and the children.  Imagine that!


I myself have witnessed altar boys being abused prior to Mass.  I have been abused within the halls of Knoxville Catholic High School and have been taken places (the Farm) where I was drugged and beyond drunk so I would not remember a thing (but I do).  My siblings and I have been taken to Atlanta, Georgia, the hub of meeting parties for the priests to bring their “pets.”


As I am fighting tooth and toenail for justice, I just want all the hidden survivors in Knoxville to know that the key to a lot of abuse within the Knoxville diocese lies with me.  That key will and is going to open the doors for you all.  Stand strong, and don’t be afraid.  No one can give us our childhood back at any cost, but it is my vow to protect our children. 


May God be with us all and give us the drive to come forward to gether and put a stop to it all.


My love to all.