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The coverr-up of clergy sexual abuse continues . . . how much longer?.
Hold religious institutions responsible for their crimes.

Edward J. McKeown

Edward McKeown is a priest pedophile in Tennessee who is in jail.  He is in prison for abuse that occurred AFTER he left ministry.  He will never pay in prison for the many young men he abused WHILE he was a priest.  Why?  The Catholic diocese hid his crimes and moved him around in silence.Edward McKeown abused young men in East and Middle Tennessee.  He was never assigned in West Tennessee.  His assignment record as listed in the Catholic Directory can be found by clicking here.

The hierarchy of the Diocese of Nashville knowingly and criminally kept the abuse of Edward McKeown a secret.  They never reported him to the police; they simply reassigned him to new places where he had a new group of boys to abuse.  The bishop is to blame.  His fellow priests who knew and did nothing are to blame as well. 

Assignment record of Edward J. McKeown.  Click here.

Here are some of the articles from Tennessee newspapers about Edward McKeown. 

Timeline from the Nashville Tennessean that tells a story of corruption and deceipt on the part of the Catholic Church in Tennessee.