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Two Memphis priests face sexual abuse charges

WREG TV Memphis
Posted by Michelle Ponto

MEMPHIS, TN -- Two sexual abuse lawsuits were filed against the Memphis Diocese at 10:30 this morning at the Shelby County Courthouse.  Two priests allegedly abused children in the Memphis area and the attorney on the case says these are the first of dozens of incidents.  He's already been contacted and retained by a number of other victims.

One of the cases involves a priest who was formally working in Memphis and is now in Texas, Father Dan Dupuis.  His alleged case happened in the 1980s.  The second civil lawsuit is against Father Joseph Wynn who is still in Memphis at St. Peter Villa.  His alleged case involves a victim was only 11-years old at the time of the abuse.  

Both lawsuits ask for 10 Million dollars in damages, but money will never take away the damage that happened.

"Every victim would rather have the magic wand and say 'boom' instead of having to live with the memory of what happened." says Jeff Herman, attorney.

Our reporter, Amy Speropoulos says the Diocese has not seen these two lawsuits.  They are in the process of looking over them and will have comments later today.