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Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests - Tennessee




Press Release August 21, 2006


Father Richard Mickey, pastor of St. Mary’s Jackson and St. John’s Brownsville, officially resigns from all ministry, civil lawsuits pending. 

We are relieved that Father Richard Mickey has resigned from all ministry.

We feel that all parties would have been better served had the stated diocesan policies been initially followed.

We urge the diocese of Memphis to release the names of all accused perpetrators.

The issue is always about the safety of children, teens, and vulnerable adults. 

August 21, 2006: 
The resignation of Father Richard Mickey is only the first step.  Now, parish and diocesan officials must work diligiently to find others who may have been hurt by Mickey as well as other abusive priests and help them report these crimes to law enforcement. 

We know that Richard Mickey was preceded in Jackson, Tennessee, by an abusive priest about whom the Diocese of Memphis has released no public information.  Therefore, is it safe to assume that Father Mickey’s replacement is not an abuser?

Suspending a predator priest does not protect children.  Child molesters belong behind bars. 

The naming of all abusers is the only avenue open to a diocese which hopes to reestablish its credibility.  Where is the promised transparency of the diocese of Memphis? 

Are there other accused priests in pastoral care positions in the diocese of Memphis? 

We implore all victims to come forward to law enforcement officials and report these crimes.


Ann Brentwood, SNAP Southeast coordinator, 865-607-6119
Susan Vance, SNAP of Tennessee state coordinator, 865-748-3518
David Brown, SNAP of West Tennessee coordinator, 901-569-4500.
David Clohessy, National Executive director, 314-566-9790
Barbara Dorris of St. Louis, SNAP Outreach Director, 314-862-7688