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MICHAEL BOYD CASE IN KNOXVILLE, TN - Diocese violates Article 3 of Dallas Charter 

"The silencing hand clamped across my mouth by my abuser has been replaced by the silencing hand of the Catholic Church. The bishops promised transparency and truth.  Instead they gave us lies."    --Michael Boyd, Survivor

SNAP of Tennessee filed a complaint with the National Review Board of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).  The complaint

dealt directly with the inclusion of a non-disclosure agreement placed by the Diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee, into a settlement agreement that Mr. Michael Boyd was asked to sign.  Boyd's lawyers rejected this NDA but did allow a non-disparaging agreement to be signed by Mr. Boyd, against Boyd's wishes.  

FACTS known to SNAP of Tennessee set off alarms for survivors and advocates:

1.  The Diocese of Knoxville had hired the lawyer for the Diocese of Nashville to handle Mr. Boyd's lawsuit. Logically, if this long-time lawyer of the Nashville Diocese would put an NDA in Mr. Boyd's settlement papers, what has he done for nearly 30 years in Nashville?  What else has Knoxville done?  What has Memphis done?

2.   The Diocese of Memphis had settled a number of lawsuits with the same law firm as Mr. Boyd.  It is, therefore, reasonable that many Memphis lawsuits with the church have non-disparaging agreements in them.  

3.  The Diocese of Knoxville disparaged Mr. Boyd from the first press release they sent out on the case and every press statementn thereafter.  Read the complete history of this. Click here.  

CONCLUSION: The three dioceses of Tennessee are guilty of violations of Article 3 of the Dallas Charter.  

ASSUMPTIONS:  There are other dioceses/eparchies and religious orders who are guilty of violation of Article 3 of the Dallas Charter.  


The original complaint was filed with the National Review Board on January 14, 2020,  Click here.

On March 4, 2020, SNAP of Tennessee received a letter from Dr. Francesco Cesareo of the National Review Board.  was made aware that complaint was referred to Bishop Timothy Doherty of Lafayette, Indiana, chairman of the Committee for Protection of Children and Teens.  Click here.

After nearly 9 months, no word has come from the referral. A follow-up letter was sent October 3, 2020.  Click here to read the letter and all correspondence.    

Information Packet in PDF format about the entire Michael Boyd Case (timeline format).  Click here. 


Michael Boyd's Non-Disparaging Agreement which violates Article 3 of the Dallas Charter