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Richard Mickey

Catholic Diocese Settles Lawsuits

SNAP of Tennessee has learned that Father Richard Mickey, pastor of St. Mary's Jackson and St. John's Brownsville, has resigned ministry.


548 days ago on February 19, 2005,  Father Mickey was returned to ministry even though a civil trial is still pending and discovery on that case had not yet begun!   If the diocese of Memphis had listened to victims of clergy abuse, the reinstatement and not the removal 548 days later would never have been happened. 


Critical information from public records available at Circuit Court Clerks office, Memphis Tennessee.

NEW LINK:  Correspondence in the civil lawsuit against Richard Mickey.

SNAP of Tennessee has researched what there is in the public record about the trial of Richard Mickey, priest of the diocese of Memphis.  Frankly, we are appalled that the diocesan review board would have allowed Bishop Terry Steib to reinstate Richard Mickey as pastor in active ministry.  We agree that this is not something that you would want your children to read. . . but if that is so, then why is the priest in question, Father Mickey, still in ministry?

NOTE:  The information given below is from a corroborating witness in the sex abuse trial against Father Mickey.  SNAP has said from the beginning, "Wait for the conclusion of the trial to make decisions about Mickey for the protection of young people."  Neither the review board nor the bishop listened.  The people did not listen.  We think you will be wanting some answers as to why the bishop and review board think the judgment of a court is not important, that they can live above the law, and that they have so little respect for the discovery process in a lawsuit.


  • Why did you put young people in possible harm? 
  • Why not wait for the outcome of the civil suit against Father Mickey? 
  • Are you really justified in living above the law and possibly hurting more young people?
  • Is this the kind of oversight that the people of the diocese of Memphis deserve?
  • If you have allowed the harm of one more young person, are you willing to accept the responsibility?
FROM INFORMATION IN THE PUBLIC RECORD (what is here is a small fraction of the boxes and boxes of information):

PLEASE NOTE:  SNAP of Tennessee has repeatedly requested that the diocese remove Mickey until the conclusion of this lawsuit.  Here is the last communication with the diocese from December 16, 2006.  Click here and read.  Please note that Bishop Steib and the review board have never given us the courtesy of a response.

Will anyone join our voices to say that this is an outrage?


Click here for Press Release 06/08/06

Father Richard Mickey was removed from ministry when his suit was filed.  Then Mickey was put back in ministry by Bishop Terry Steib and the Diocesan Review Board in the Memphis Diocese.  They did what we all fear.  They jumped ahead of the judicial system, had their own hearings, did not have the victims present.  This is a travesty.  
See the How many days?

Does the church have positive knowledge that they have done the right thing in placing Father Mickey back at St. Mary's in Jackson?  No matter the answer to the question, there is one fact that remains true . . . the church made a point of saying that it would cooperate with the law.  Too bad they could not have waited for the U.S. legal system to do its work.  Would waiting to be sure that young people are not in danger have been too much to ask?

Assignment record for Richard Mickey.

Information given out in May 2005  Click here.
The diocese rushes to judgment and puts Richard Mickey back as pastor BEFORE the case goes to trial.  Click here.

Mention of Mickey in the Memphis Timeline of abuse cases.
Case filed against Mickey.  Memphis Commercial Appeal
Counselors dispatched to Jackson.  Memphis Commercial Appeal 08/18/04
Vicar of Diocese to take Mickey's place.  Memphis Commercial Appeal 08/24/04
Bishop Steib returns Mickey to ministry. Memphis Commercial Appeal 02/03/05 
Mickey returns to ministry at St. Mary's Jackson.  Jackson Sun 02/04/05
Diocese to return priests (speaks of Mickey and Kantner)  West Tennessee Catholic 02/03/05
Diocese celebrates the return of Mickey with celebration  West Tennessee Catholic 02/24/05
Mickey teaches Catholic Morality Classes   West Tennesee Catholic  05/26/05

Survivors and advocates ask for opening/reopening of cases against four Memphis priests.

James W. Murphy, William Kantner, Joseph Reilly, and Richard Mickey.
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