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Perry County Newspaper reports on 9th Monroe case

Cannelton victim named in sex-abuse suit

 Managing Editor

 CANNELTON - An attorney pursuing civil lawsuits against a former priest
 who served in a number of Indiana parishes until he was ousted for
 sexual misconduct announced Monday he was filing a case on behalf of an
 alleged sexual-abuse victim from Cannelton.

 Father Harry Monroe, Cannelton's St. Michael Church and the Archdiocese
 of Indianapolis, its parent organization, were named as defendants in a
 "John Doe" complaint filed by Patrick Noaker. He is a St. Paul, Minn.,
 attorney who said Monday morning he planned a press conference for later
 that day to announce his ninth filing against the former priest. Three
 complainants in previously filed cases attended St. Paul Catholic Church
 in Tell City as children, and were allegedly sexually abused or
 subjected to inappropriate sexual behavior by Monroe there in the

 As have the previous complaints, the lawsuit filed Monday alleges the
 archdiocese knew of sexual-abuse complaints against Monroe when it
 transferred him first among three Indianapolis parishes, then to Terre
 Haute, then to Tell City.

 "After receiving these reports, Defendant Archdiocese placed Monroe on
 leave," the latest complaint states, (then) "placed Monroe in Defendant
 Parish. This is one of the farthest locations that Defendant Archdiocese
 could have moved Monroe after the reports of abuse."

 "... Defendant Archdiocese did not tell any of the parishioners at St.
 Michael Parish in Cannelton, including the minor plaintiff, what it knew
 about Monroe," the complaint continues, "that he was a child molester
 and a danger to children."

 "I interviewed a number of witnesses," Noaker said Monday. "The
 archdiocese had no less than seven or eight kids molested before he went
 (to Perry County.)"

 According to records provided by Noaker, Monroe was on leave in 1982 and
 served in this area in '83 and '84.

 The attorney expects separate trials for each of the victims to begin
 early next year and said he plans to file two more complaints in coming
 days. He was away from his office when contacted and couldn't recall
 which parishes those complainants attended.