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Composite of O'Connell links

Bishop quits, admits abuse.  Palm Beach leader details.  Click here.
Bishop caught up in scandal is recalled as an ideal cleric - New York Times.  Click here.  

Where a fallen bishop goes to heal.  Palm Beach post.  Click here. 

Basic information on Anthony J. O'Connell.  Click here.  

From Florida at installation of O'Connell - The O'Connell clan is coming with new bishop.  Click here.  

The rebranding of the Diocese of Knoxville - how it began

Letter to Bishop Kurtz before March 28, 2003, meeting with SNAP of Tennessee.  Click here.  

Letter to Bishop Kurtz from David Clohessy, March 28, 2003.  This  is a clear synthesis of the dangerous actions of the diocese which persists today.  Click here.

Removal of name of O'Connell from building and removal of pictures from public places

Fax sent on November 1, 2003 - Pedophile Bishop's name still on Catholic building.  Officials will leave on display, calling "historical significance."  Click here.  

Some at St. Mary's seek removal of Bishop O'Connell's name 12-13-2002.  Click here.  

Images, statues of admitted abuser set off argument in Knox's Catholic diocese.  Click here.  

Letter requesting sensitivity and taking down of O'Connell's pictures throughout the diocese 03-06-2007.  Click here.  

School,, chancery still honor bishop who admitted abuse (National Catholic Reporter)  Click here.  

Letter from SNAP  National requesting removal of images of O'Connell.  Click here.

Response from Bishop Kurtz regarding request for removal of O'Connell's images.  Click here.  

Place of honor for a pedophile - Palm Beach Post.  Click here.  

Parishioners want photos of pedophile bishop removed.  Click here.  

Unnerving choices for the church.  LA Times 07-05-2004.  Click here.  

Multi-part series on O'Connell by Phillip O'Connor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

As scandal breaks, the search for truth begins.  11-13-2004  Click here.  

Secrets, sins, and silence.  11-14-2004  Click here.  

Coming to terms, confronting the Church.  11-15-2004  Click here.  

Woman told of allegations by students at seminary.  11-15-2004  Click here.  

Dad is haunted by family friend's abuse of son.  11-15-2004  Click here.  

5th Anniversary of resignation of Anthony J. O'Connell

Letter to Bishop Joseph Kurtz on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of O'Connell's resignation.  Click here.  

Composite of 5th anniversary links.  Click here.