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SNAP - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests - Tennessee
The coverr-up of clergy sexual abuse continues . . . how much longer?.
Hold religious institutions responsible for their crimes.

Early national response to O'Connell's resignation

New York Times - March 2002  Click here

Bishop quits, admits abuse Palm Beach leader details '70s sex case.  Click here,

Anthony J. O'Connell's victims speak

Click here to read the first of a three-part series exposing what O'Connell's victims have tried to tell us for so long.  Read the very thorough investigative reporting of Pat O'Connor in the Sunday, 11/14/04 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Secrets, sins and silence - 11/14/04
Coming to terms, confronting the church - 11/15/04
Woman told of allegations by students at seminary - 11/15/04
Dad is haunted by family friend's abuse of son - 11/15/04
As scandal breaks, the search for truth begins - 11/16/04

Beginnings of SNAP's work in Tennessee

First Meeting with Bishop Kurtz which began the Journey of SNAP in Tennessee

  • SNAP leaders met with Bishop Kurtz in March 2003. Click here to read the letter sent prior to the meeting with the bishop.
  • David Clohessy also sent a letter to Bishop Kurtz as a preparation for the March 2003 meeting with Bishop Kurtz. Click here to read David's letter.
  • We have tried to get the images of Anthony O'Connell off of walls in churches and schools in the diocese of Knoxville.  The diocese has remained insensitive to the requests of victims to do so.  Here is the first correspondence that we had on the issue. 

    Letter sent to Bishop Kurtz on 5th anniversary of the resignation of Bishop O'Connell

    The people of East Tennessee are still being duped by the diocese of Knoxville.  Lies about Bishop Anthony O'Connell are pervasive and allowed to fester on purpose by the diocese.  They do not really want the people to know the truth. They still allow pictures of Anthony O'Connell to remain in places of prominence.  This is a travesty and a slap in the face of victims.   Here is the letter.  

    Information links.  Click here.

    MAY 6, 2004 -- Alleged abuse victims ask Alumni to seek help 

    The Associated Press is reporting on the nationawide push to get victims of Anthony J. O'Connell to come forward and get help.  Click here to read the article.
    Another link to the article

    Press release from five of O'Connell's victims 

    Press Release from May 6, 2004, by five former seminarians abused by O'Connell can be found here.


    Click here to view the letter that was sent out by five victims of Anthony J. Connell on May 6, 2004.  Click here for letter in Word format.  Click here for webpage version of letter.

    MAY 1, 2004  - Chris Dixon writes the Knoxville News Sentinel 

    Christopher Dixon wrote a letter to the Knoxville News Sentinel to express the viewpoint of a victim/survivor of Anthony J. O'Connell on having pictures/portraits/busts, etc. allowed to remain on display in the Diocese of Knoxville.  His letter was printed on May 1, 2004.  (By the way, there are no images of Anthony J. O'Connell on display in the diocese of West Palm Beach according to the director of communications for that diocese.)  Click here to read Chris's letter.


    John Lantigua, Staff writer for the Palm Beach Post, went to Mepkin Abbey after finding out that Anthony J. O'Connell has been there since a few days after resigning as bishop of Palm Beach on March 8, 2002.  O'Connell admitted molesting teenaged seminarians.  Click here for the article.  Click here for webpage version of article.

    Why We Don't Display Pictures, Portraits, etc of Abusers

    GREG BULLOUGH explains clearly why the Diocese of Knoxville should take down all images of O'Connell.

    Re-Writing History: Why Clerical Sex Abusers’ Names Must Not Be Honored


    Read the NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER article about the issue of the diocese of Knoxville still displaying images of Anthony J. O'Connell. 


    John T. Doe v. Most Rev. Anthony J. O'Connell,Holy See, et al., Court File No. 02CC-001538. Click to view pdf. (201k)

    John V. Doe v. Holy See, et al., File No. CV 02 430 BR. Click to view pdf. (185k)
    Gomez v. Holy See, et al., Court File No. 02-2692C1-19 Click to view pdf. (142k)
    John CC Doe v. Most Rev. Anthony J. O’Connell, et al. Click to view pdf. (39k)

    Correspondence and e-mails from Bishop Anthony O'Connell


    The following information is written by Mike Wegs, a victim/survivor of Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell. 

    Here is an introduction to Mike in his own words:
    "I was affiliated with the Diocese of Jefferson City for more than 10 years (1967-1979):  one-fifth of the history of this Church in Missouri.  In addition, I want to state publicly that the allegations of sexual misconduct that I brought in a John Doe lawsuit against Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell are valid (Doe v. Roman Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City, et al., CV302-142CC).  Marion County Court Judge David Dardin ruled in my case: churches can be held to the same standard as any other entity that is in the position of caring for children."

    Here are links to information.  Please know that some of this information is disturbing so read this with that fact in mind. 

    Bishop Anthony J. O’Connell and St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church  . . . Read the letter that Mike wrote for publication in one of the local newspapers.  Neither the secular nor the diocesan papers would print this letter. 

    Open letter to Bishop Joseph E. Kurtz of the Diocese of Knoxville from Mike Wegs and Timothy Link, another victim/survivor of O'Connell. . . Neither the secular nor the diocesan papers would print this letter. 

    Letter to Bishop Wilton Gregory requesting the removal of Cardinal Law of Boston.  Written by Mike Wegs.

    The Sound of Rachel Weeping by Mike Wegs.  A gripping account of victim's pain and the corruption that causes it.