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Joseph L. Reilly

Joseph L. Reilly. Born Dec. 16, 1928; ordained May 26, 1956; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Nashville 1965; died March 9, 1981.

Note the assignment listed in the National Catholic Directory for 1964.  What was Joseph Reilly doing in Warner Robins, Georgia, the year before he was removed from the priesthood?  

This question deserves an answer for the people of Georgia as well as Tennessee.  Did he molest in Georgia?  When?  Where?  Did the diocese of Nashville follw the pattern found across the United States of putting pedophile priests in other dioceses with yet another group of unsuspecting people?  Also, where was he until his death in 1981?  Any other children molested during that time as the church kept the secret?

1957    Reilly Joseph L    Cathedral of the Incarnation    Nashville

1958    Reilly Joseph L    Ann, St    Nashville

1959    Reilly Joseph L    Ann, St    Nashville

1960    Reilly Joseph L    Peter and Paul   Chattanooga

1961    Reilly Joseph L    Peter and Paul    Chattanooga

1962    Reilly Joseph L    Michael, St    Memphis

1963    Reilly Joseph L    Henry, St    Nashville

1964    Reilly Joseph L    On duty outside the diocese:  419 Camelia Circle,    Warner Robins, GA

1965    Reilly Joseph L    Absent on sick leave,    421 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, TN

The diocese says that Reilly was removed from the priesthood in 1965

Where was Reilly from 1965 until his death in 1981?  

Died in 1981

This assignment information is found in the National Catholic Directory which is a public directory for the years indicated.  This is NOT the official list of assignments found in the personnel file or in the canonical secret archive.  The Catholic diocese must produce the complete list of assignments from these sources.  

Father Joseph Reilly was a priest of the diocese of Nashville.  In order to cover up his abuse in Tennessee, the bishop of Nashville sent him to Georgia where Reilly again molested boys.   

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