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Franklin T. Richards

Frank Richards was assigned in Middle and East Tennessee during his priesthood and has multiple victims in both of these areas.  Frank Richards admitted in 1999 that he abused numerous young men because the statute of limitations had run on his crimes.  He has since recanted, but his many victims tell a different story. 

Richards does not have a lot of press coverage; he is usually put tied in with Edward J. McKeown whose crimes parallel Richards but who got caught with the statute of limitations. 

In essense, Richards is free because of the law, not because he doesn't have as many victims as McKeown.   Ironically, many of victims were abused by BOTH Richards and McKeown. 

 See the article by Dan Moffat in the Palm Beach Post.  It sums it up well what happens when statutes run out and people go unpunished. 

Below are links to a number of articles which mention Richards.  There are very few articles that speak of him alone.  Because of his affiliation with McKeown, he has kept off the radar screen. 
The assignment record for Frank Richards can be found here.  It is obtained from public records in the Official Catholic Directory.  After 1985 when he left Knoxville Catholic High School under allegations of abuse, his record is unreliable. 
Most of the articles above are found in Word format by following this link to this file.  
File of Richards Information.  Much Richards information can be found mixed in with Edward McKeown's information which can be found here.  The McKeown file is much larger than Richards. 

SNAP of Tennessee has traced Richards to Florida.  Is he still officially a priest?  Was he defrocked?  Was the church in Florida warned about Richards?