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Sexual Exploitation of Adults - Women and Men

Studies show that sexual abuse of children by clergy is one of several crimes being kept secret by the Catholic church.  More will be told about the sexual exploitation of adults, both women and men.  

The Catholic church has policies which cover these crimes but the hierarchy does not enforce the rule.  A study estimates that there are 4 times more women and 2 times more men abused by priest in "sexual exploitation of adults."  The basis of this crime is clear - inequity of power.  If a man has "Father" in front of his name, there is an automatic inequality of power which makes sex with a parishioner or any other person who knows him as a spiritual leader and "Father" wrong.  Just as a doctor cannot have sexual activity with a patient and a mental health practitioner cannot have sexual activity with a client, so a priest cannot have sex with a woman or man for whom he is known as a spiritual leader.  

This will be the next scandal which the Catholic hierarchy will find itself embroiled, and it will be totally their fault for having ignored this and given a wink and a nod to huge numbers of clergy to continue this sexual activity.  No promises of celibacy or vows of chastity are any deterrent to an alarming number of clergy.