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Join the SNAP initiative on the Violations of Article 3 of the Dallas Charter

Calling all U.S. victims/survivors who have signed any kind of agreement with the Catholic Church
You can help us hold the USCCB accountable



We are gathering information for an investigative report.  Article 3 of the Dallas Charter says that victims are NOT to be silenced by the church. unless the victim requests the silencing.  However, since 2002, many dioceses/epiarchies/religious orders have continued to allow non-disclosure agreements, non-disparaging agreements or other silencing language to be included in settlement against victim's wishes.  This is a blatant violation of the Dallas Charter but it has not been detected or corrected in 18 years of USCCB audits of the dioceses/eparchies.  



If you have ever signed an agreement with a Catholic diocese/epiarchy/religious order in the United States concerning clergy sexual abuse, you can help.  Please fill out one of the online forms below.  The first one is for those who fall under 2002-2020 when violations of Article 3 have occurred.  The other form is for those who had settlements BEFORE the Dallas Charter was in effect.  
Why ask for info BEFORE 2002?  It will help to compare and contrast what was done before the Dallas Charter and what was done after. It will show that many things did not change.  (Samples of silencing language in settlements with the Catholic Church.)

ACTUAL WORDING OF ARTICLE 3 OF THE DALLAS CHARTER:  ARTICLE 3. Dioceses/eparchies are not to enter into settlements which bind the parties to confidentiality, unless the victim/survivor requests confidentiality and this request is noted in the text of the agreement.

Special Note:  This is NOT a project where you will be identified without your consent.  We are amassing evidence of violations of Article 3. You will not be identified without express consent.  If a reporter wishes to talk to you, a SNAP leader will contact you first to ask your permission.  You are under no obligation to say anything.  Your input to prove that the Church violated the Dallas Charter speaks loudly, and we thank you for your help!


Click one of the buttons below to send in a form to take part in the "Silenced No Longer" project.  Read below for more information about this project.


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