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SNAP - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests - Tennessee
The cover-up of clergy sexual abuse continues . . . how much longer?

Tennessee credibly accused priests 

The links below have pertinent information about these priests of Tennessee.  Some of them were assigned from other places to dioceses of Tennessee.  

Sexual exploitation of adult women and men

Studies show that sexual abuse of children by clergy is one of several crimes being kept secret by the Catholic church.  More will be told about the sexual exploitation of adults, both women and men.  

The Catholic church has policies which cover these crimes but the hierarchy does not enforce the rule.  A study estimates that there are 4 times more women and 2 times more men abused by priest in "sexual exploitation of adults."  The basis of this crime is clear - inequity of power.  If a man has "Father" in front of his name, there is an automatic inequality of power which makes sex with a parishioner or any other person who knows him as a spiritual leader and "Father" wrong.  Just as a doctor cannot have sexual activity with a patient and a mental health practitioner cannot have sexual activity with a client, so a priest cannot have sex with a woman or man for whom he is known as a spiritual leader.  

This will be the next scandal which the Catholic hierarchy will find itself embroiled, and it will be totally their fault for having ignored this and given a wink and a nod to huge numbers of clergy to continue this sexual activity.  No promises of celibacy or vows of chastity are any deterrent to an alarming number of clergy.

Edward J. McKeown, Tennessee pedophile priest, is dead.  

Never held accountable for his abuse as a priest . . .
Click here for the link to the story in the Nashville Tennessean.  Click here for internal link to the story.  
Edward McKeown was one of the most prolific abusers in the history of Tennessee.  He died December 31, 2018.  If you are a victim of McKeown, contact us if you feel strong enough to tell us your story.  We need to investigate the Dioceses of Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis.  There is no better example of why this needs to be done than Edward McKeown.  Email us if you wish to talk.  We need to hold the church accountable for its failure to McKeown's victims.    

McKeown and Richards abused together.  Richards is a free man.
McKeown's sometimes partner in crime is Franklin (Frank) T. Richards.  He is free although he and McKeown abused countless boys across East and Middle Tennessee.  If you are a victim of Frank Richards, we need you too to help us hold the church accountable.  Email us if you feel you can talk.  

Tennessee needs 3rd party investigations of all three Catholic dioceses

Deliberate mistakes by Diocese of Nashville:  

James A Kemper - the entry on the website of the diocese of Nashville is incorrect.  They list Kemper as being on active duty until 1964 when, in fact, the diocese lists him in the Official Catholic Directory as "on duty outside the diocese" for many years.  He apparently was incardinated into the diocese of Memphis in 1971 and appears on the Memphis OCD pages for 1972 and 1973.  Did he become a priest of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe or did he remain a Tennessee priest just on duty outside the diocese?  Which diocese has his secret canonical file?  Kemper is listed on the pedophile list for the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.  

Kenneth Gansmann, OFM - In 2014, Nashville admitted this priest was assigned for years in the diocese of Nashville.  They did not report this in the recent release of names.  Gansmann appeared on the pedophile list of another diocese thus prompting the admission in 2014.  

Now there are 16 -- Nashville has 4 priests hidden in list trafficked to other states

Nashville:  11/09/2018  -- Walter Emala, James A.  Kemper, and James Pratt are not on the list of accused priests from the diocese of Nashville.  SNAP of Tennessee had sent a letter to Bishop Mark Spalding on November 1, 2018 to ask that 6 more names be added to the list.  The Diocese put these two from the list.  There are still more to be looked at. 

Four of the 16 priests were assigned to other states.  These are James A. Kemper, Walter Emala, Paul Haas, and Joseph L. Reilly.  
Why is Kenneth Gansmann, OFM who was at St. Vincent's in Nashville, not listed on the Nashville Pedophile priest list?  

Press release for Nashville press conference 11-09-2018

Some files published by SNAP of Tennessee with important information -- Nashville

Click here for PDF #1 Click here for webpage version of PDF #1.  Deception from Diocese of Nashville about "former priests."

Click here for PDF#2 Click here for webpage version of PDF #2.  Deceptioin from Diocese of Nashville about assignments of Joseph L. Reilly

Click here for PDF #3 Click here for webpage version of PDF #3.  Deception from the Diocese of Nashville about assignments of Paul F. Haas.  

Click here for PDF #4  Click here for webpage version of PDF#4.   Walter Emala - pedophile that Nashville won't own.

Click here for PDF #5  Click here for webpage version of PDF #5.  Deliberate deceits by Nashville on the list of 13.

Click here for PDF #6. Click here for webpage version of PDF #6  Three priests - sent to 5 states where they continued to abuse.
Diocese of Knoxville - secret files, Re-Oconnelization of the diocese 

Knoxville information:  Click here for a PDF #1 about the failure of the Knoxville diocese to respond to request from victims of clergy sexual abuse. 

Click here for a PDF #2 with the names of the pedophile priests from the recent Nashville list who have been assigned in what is now the diocese of Knoxville. There are 11 priests who have been assigned in the area that is now named Diocese of Knoxville.  There will be more revealed as time goes on.

Press release for Knoxville press conference 11-09-2018

Article - Knoxville News Sentinel - by Amy Mcrary

Diocese of Nashville releases names of 16 priests accused of abusing minors

Father Edward James Cleary. Born April 18, 1914; ordained May 18, 1940; died Nov. 10, 1997.

Father James William Murphy Jr. Born Sept. 12, 1922; ordained April 3, 1948 in Memphis; died Oct. 11, 2016.

Father James Arthur Rudisill. Born May 16, 1926; ordained May 19, 1951; retired Feb. 10, 1995; died Feb. 8, 2008.

Father Edward Albert Walenga. Born Nov., 2, 1926; ordained May 30, 1953; died Nov. 27, 1983.

Father Roger R. Lott, O.S.B. Ordained in 1954; removed from duty and placed in a restricted setting by his order in 1996; died May 22, 2011.

Msgr. William Floyd Davis. Born Aug. 17, 1929; ordained May 26, 1956; incardinated in the Diocese of Memphis 1972; died Oct. 26, 2011.

Joseph L. Reilly. Born Dec. 16, 1928; ordained May 26, 1956; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Nashville 1965; died March 9, 1981.(Joseph Reilly is NOT dead.  The diocese retracted this on 11-08-2018 stating that Reilly had erroneously been listed by them as dead.)

Paul Frederick Haas. Born Dec. 14, 1933; ordained May 23, 1959; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Nashville May 24, 1977; died June 7, 1979.

Paul Wiley St. Charles. Born June 23, 1939; ordained May 21, 1966; Incardinated into the Diocese of Memphis; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Memphis 2004; died Dec. 27, 2009.

William Claude Casey. Born Jan. 4, 1934; ordained May 2, 1969; incardinated in the Diocese of Knoxville Sept. 8, 1988; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Knoxville 2010; currently incarcerated.

Edward Joseph McKeown. Born March 18, 1944; ordained Jan. 31, 1970; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Nashville March 1, 1989; currently incarcerated.

Ronald W. Dickman. Born July 13, 1944; ordained June 5, 1971; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Nashville 1991.

Franklin T. Richards. Born March 18, 1947; ordained Jan. 26, 1973; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Nashville March 1, 1989.

Nashville information you should know.  

Click here for PDF #1   Click here for webpage version of PDF #1.  Deception from Diocese of Nashville about "former priests."

Click here for PDF#2    Click here for webpage version of PDF #2.  Deceptioin from Diocese of Nashville about assignments of Joseph L. Reilly

Click here for PDF #3   Click here for webpage version of PDF #3.  Deception from the Diocese of Nashville about assignments of Paul F. Haas.  

Click here for PDF #4  Click here for webpage version of PDF#4.   Walter Emala - pedophile that Nashville won't own.

Click here for PDF #5  Click here for webpage version of PDF #5.  Deliberate deceits by Nashville on the list of 13.

.See this file for information on Knoxville deception.  Click here for downloadable PDF version.  Click here for webpage version.  Deception of Bishops Stika and Kurtz (and involvement of Father Vann Johnston) in release of names of abusive priests.  

NEWS FLASH:  Nashville reveals interstate trafficking of pedophile priests in 11/02/2018 release of 13 names

November 5, 2018:  The diocese of Nashville tried to bury the awful truth about interstate trafficking of pedophiles in their Friday, November 2, release of the names of 13 pedophile priests.  Studies by SNAP of Tennessee gave indicated that Georgia, Kentucky and Arkansas were sent pedophile priests from the diocese of Nashville.  Where the bishops in these diocese complicit in letting pedophile priests serve in their dioceses?  Did the bishops in these areas of Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee send Tennessee their pedophile priest/priests in a kind of sick exchange program?  See the PDF files below or click on the links and decide for yourself about this illegal trafficking of pedophiles.

Deceptions by the diocese of Nashville found in the article:   Diocese publishes names of priests accused of abusing minors  Click for internal link to this article.  

13 FORMER priests???- Deception #1. Download PDF File page 1.  

Assignments of Joseph Reilly - Trafficking of this pedophile to Georgia.  Download PDF file page 2.

Assignments of Paul F. Haas - Trafficking of this pedophile to Arkansas and Kentucky.  Download PDF file page 3.

SNAP SENDS IN MORE NAMES:  Letter sent to Bishop Mark Spalding of Nashville on 11/01/2018.  Click here.  Two of the six names were then put on the list on 11-09-2018.  

Dangerous 11 revealed.  There will be more.

Bishop Stika would not take this chart seriously.  Now we can fill in the priests that he refused to help us identify. After 16 years of asking for the release of this information, finally some part of the truth from the diocese of Nashville..  

The Post-Dispatch articles on Anthony J. O'Connell by Patrick O'Connor  --  11-2004

Statistics for the three Tennessee Catholic Dioceses in the Metropolitan See of Louisville, KY

Keep the secrets . . . get promoted

About Joseph Kurtz - written as Kurtz left Knoxville to become Archbishop of Louisville.

About Vann Johnston - written as Johnston left Knoxville to become Bishop 

Information on Bishop Richard Stika

2009:  Monsignor Richard Stika will be installed as the new bishop of Knoxville, Tennessee.  Here is some information about how Richard Stika dealt with clergy sexual abuse in the past. `

Click here to read what Stika did as the head of the child protection department when he was in St. Louis.  SNAP asked for him to be fired.  

SNAP statement on new Knoxville Bishop.

SNAP calls for ouster of Monsignor (2005 article)

SNAP press release from 2005 in its entirety

These men need to be punished for the abuse of our children when they were priests

These priests abused across the state of Tennessee but Catholics do not know.  People should demand full disclosure from the bishops where these two priests have abused.  Edward McKeown will be out of prison in 2020, but he never paid a second in prison for what he did as a priest.  Frank Richards has been free to abuse and never held accountable.  Since March 1, 1989, both were "let go" by the Church to freely abuse.  Make your voice known.  Stop the cover-up.

Diocese of Knoxville, end the cover-up. 

Aug. 23, 2018:  In light of the Grand Jury report just released from Pennsylvania, one truth is certain.  We are being lied to.  The cover-up continues.

We have long known that in Tennessee we are not told the truth by church officials.  We have begged to have the church open its secret files in Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis and present a comprehensive report on the molesting priests that have been assigned to our parishes and when they were assigned there.  The people in the pews have not heard us and so the hierarchy in this diocese and across Tennessee have done nothing.  

We, however, have heard the horrific stories of clergy sexual abuse in Tennessee.  We tracked the assignments of these priests ourselves through the National Catholic Directory and found that 11 of the molesting priests have been assigned in the geographical area that is now the diocese of Knoxville.  

Bishop Richard Stika said he did not know these names . . . Really?  Did Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville not think it important to tell you, Bishop?  Stika and Kurtz may not care . . . but we do.  Victims of these pedophiles, you are not forgotten.

Demand that the voices of victims and Catholics in the pews be heard.  If the molesting priests reported to catholic officials throughout the years have intersected with parishes in the geographical area that is now the diocese of Knoxville, the people need to know the specifics.  This will further the healing of the victims.


Press release for Friday, April 9, 2010 in Knoxville, TN

Letter to be given to Bishop Richard following press conference - 04-09-2010

Dangerous 11 chart to be given at press conference - 04-09-2010

Watch the NOT-SO-PERFECT diocese of Knoxville Video

Information on Walter Emala

Information on Edward McKeown

Information on Frank Richards

Information on Paul St. Charles

Tennessee abusive priests who were assigned to other dioceses

I has long been known that the church moved priests from one diocese to another in an attempt to cover up their crimes.  These are some of the priests in Tennessee who have been assigned to other dioceses in order to cover-up the fact that they molested children.  These are just a few.  Demand the entire list from the Church.  Click on the name to see more. This list is not complete. 

Father Paul Haas

Father Walter Emala

Father Joseph Reilly

Harry Monroe was dismissed from Indiana and lived for many years in Nashville.  The public in Nashville were never warned. Click here for more information. 

Document release in Diocese of Memphis, TN

The diocese of Memphis found "credible" evidence that Paul St. Charles is a pedophile. The diocese of Nashville coddles St. Charles like some kind of icon. Apparently, abusing children means little to Bishop Choby and the priests of the Nashville diocese. They let the people think that St. Charles has been "vindicated" even when fellow bishop, Bishop Steib of Memphis, says St. Charles is guilty. What brotherly support from Bishop Choby to Bishop Steib!!! And, Paul St. Charles has lived in "retirement" in Nashville for more years than he was an active priest pedophile. Who has he abused in Nashville? Do you trust the clergy in Nashville to have protected your children over the years? Oops! Here are links to Caleb Hannan's recent stories about Paul St. Charles, the pedophile par excellence.

Accused pedophile Paul St. Charles lost his priesthood. But that didn't stop Nashville's bishop from giving him an award

 Rest up, Your Catholic Priest Abuse Story Fatigue may Soon be put to the Test

Anthony J. O'Connell

1963  Ordained

1963-88J  efferson City MO priest, seminary teacher, and rector

1988-98  Knoxville TN bishop

1998-2002  Palm Beach FL bishop

2002  Admits abuse and resigns

2002- 2012  Palm Beach FL emeritus

05/2012  Dies
Accused in 2002 of sexually abusing a student from 9th through 12th grade at St. Thomas Aquinas Preparatory Seminary in Hannibal, where O'Connell was rector.

Complainant had gone to O'Connell because of prior abuse by another priest. O'Connell admitted the abuse and another similar case and resigned.

Others came forward, totaling 9 by 2004, when 2 of 3 cases were settled.

O'Connell moved to the Trappists' Mepkin Abbey near Moncks Corner SC.

Shame on Bishop Choby! Shame on Father Ryan High School!


The people of the diocese of Nashville and the state of Tennessee are completely duped by Bishop Choby and the priests of the diocese of Nashville.  Bishop J. Terry Steib announced that Paul St. Charles is "credibly accused " of molesting teen boys.  Bishop Steib has petitioned Rome to "defrock" Paul St. Charles.  Yet, Bishop Choby gives a public award to this credibly accused priest and refuses to tell the people that he is an abuser.  This is no way to be "transparent" about clergy sexual abuse. 

Bishop Choby, you owe all victims of clergy abuse an apology.  Tell the people the truth.  Tell them that Paul St. Charles is NOT vindicated.  Tell them that there are court cases in process right now.  Tell them that Paul St. Charles is being defrocked. 

Is this in the great tradition of Father Ryan High School?  To give honors to child molesters?  If Bishop Choby and the priests of the diocese had done their jobs, the good people of Father Ryan would have known that Paul St. Charles is credibly accused.  They would know that this an outrage to all victims of clergy sexual abuse. 

We know that the Golden Grad award at Father Ryan is just about living 50 years past your graduation day.  We know that it is not some personal tribute award.  Therefore, the Golden Grad award should have been given to Paul St. Charles "in absentia."  No public award should have been given.  The bishop and the alumni association at Father Ryan could have easily made this point to Paul St. Charles.  They could have said, "The award is in the mail."  Instead, they allowed a child molester to appear in public and shake the hand of the bishop.  The bishop has never raised a hand to set the record straight about the abuse of children and teens at the hands of Paul St. Charles.  We have no pictures of victims of clergy abuse receiving an affable handshake from the bishop. 

We call upon Bishop Choby for a formal apology.  We call on Bishop Steib to stand up for his decision and demand that the people be told the truth.  We call upon Bishop Steib to stand up and tell the people of the diocese of Knoxville that Paul St. Charles was assigned in their diocese as well.  We call upon all priests to be on the side of truth and tell their respective churches about the credible allegations of Paul St. Charles. 

Click here to see the disgraceful "Golden Grad" awards given to a child molester. 

See Paul St. Charles on the front row.  Do these Golden Grads know the truth?  Did anyone bother to tell them that their classmate, Paul St. Charles has multiple abuse victims?  Did anyone bother to let a victim speak to them to tell them why this is so heinous?  Did anyone bother to think of the victims?  Is this the way clergy abuse victims can expect to be treated across the state of Tennessee? 

Cases against Memphis priests settled

Read the article in the Memphis Daily News for August 23, 2007.  Click here for the on-site article.
Date settled
Docket #
 June 19, 2007

CT-004851-06, Div. 6

 Jane Doe #1
  Joseph Nguyen
 June 19, 2007
 CT-005076-06, Div. 6
Jane Doe #2
  Joseph Nguyen
  June 19, 2007 
 CT-005886-06, Div. 6
Jane Doe #3
  Joseph Nguyen
July 17, 2007

CT-004692-05, Div. 5

1 Victim
 Paul St. Charles
July 17, 2007
CT-005869-05, Div. 8
1 Victim
 Paul St. Charles
July 26, 2007
CT-004275-04, Div. 9
 2 Victims
 Richard Mickey
August 14, 2007
 CT-006172-06, Div. 3
1 Victim
 Paul St. Charles

SNAP of Tennessee responds to appointment of Kurtz as archbishop

June 12, 2007:  Bishop Joseph Kurtz, bishop of Knoxville, has been appointed archbishop of Louisville, KY.  SNAP of Tennessee responds to this announcment as follows.

As archbishop of Louisville, Bishop Kurtz will still be in a position to know the problems across the entire state of Tennessee as well as Kentucky. Victims of Clergy abuse are hopeful that he will handle his future duties with more compassion than he has done so far in the diocese of Knoxville. We hope Bishop Kurtz will do a better job of listening to the pleas of victims in the following areas: 

1. Naming the names of perpetrating priests across the diocese of Knoxville. To date the people of the diocese of Knoxville are unaware of the large numbers of molesting priests and the hundreds of their victims across East Tennessee. Kurtz has consistently answered our requests with a “Not-in my backyard attitude” as he shuffles responsibility off to Nashville, claiming “we weren’t a diocese then.” This is painful to victims and is deceitful to the people in the pews who are expecting truth and transparency. Such callous disregard for the feeling of victims is painful and wrong. See presentation at about the deceit of the diocese of Knoxville by clicking here.   Message to Bishop Kurtz: Tell us the names.

2. Bishop Kurtz will not be able to side-step his responsibilities as he did in Knoxville. He will not be able to say, “We only go back to 1988.” He has trained the entire diocese of Knoxville to think that nothing happened here before we became our own diocese in 1988, yet the Catholic community of Knoxville only underwent a name change from “diocese of Nashville” to “diocese of Knoxville.” The pain of victims is real and pre-dates the 1988 timeline. The abuse that occurred here happened by Catholic clergy and is very real and very present to the victims. Message to Bishop Kurtz: Tell us the extent of the abuse and when and where it occurred. 

3. Kurtz came to Knoxville after pedophile bishop, Anthony J. O’Connell. Bishop Kurtz has allowed and encouraged the churches and schools to keep O’Connell’s pictures on display. The message sent to victims of abuse by refusing the simple request to take down a molesters picture sent a clear message to victims that if O'Connell remained honored their abuse was of no matter (concern) to the Bishop. Message to Bishop Kurtz: Correct this insensitivity before you go. Take down O’Connell’s pictures.

Ann Brentwood, Southeast Coordinator of SNAP , 865-984-7092
Susan Vance, SNAP of Tennessee, 865-748-3518

5th Anniversary of Resignation of Anthony J. O'Connell, 1st bishop of Knoxville

March 8, 2007, marks the 5th anniversary of the resignation of Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell. 

Letter sent to pastors of parishes and principals of Catholic schools on March 6, 2007
Letter to be deliverd to Bishop Joseph Kurtz on the 5th anniversary of the resignation of Anthony J. O'Connell

On March 28, 2003, we met with Bishop Kurtz and expressed our concerns about the lack of facts among the people of the diocese concerning the abuse by Anthony J. O'Connell.  Here is a copy of that letter. 

Press release for press conference in Knoxville on March 8, 2007. 

O'Connell stated in the press that he had abuse "one maybe two" teenage boys.  Read the expose by the St. Louis Dispatch that will show that to have been totally false.

Background information on O'Connell's pictures being left on display in churches and schools.
Article 1  Place of Honor for a Pedophile
Article 2  Victims write about taking name off St. Mary's Oak Ridge family life center.
Article 3
Article 4

"Where's the Perp?"  A continuing series of YouTube presentations about where O'Connell's picture is still on display.
Bishop's Office
St. John Neumann
Knoxville Catholic High School
Many more to come . . . . .

Information for West Palm Beach
Article 1  Scandal still settling in West Palm Beach - National Catholic Reporter
Article 2  New Bishop faces old problem

SNAP on YouTube

Florida information

Letter to Bishop Galeone of St. Augustine, FL  Click here. 

SNAP Press Conference in Miami  --  Click here for press relesse.

Letter sent to Bishop J.C. Favalora -- Click here. 

SNAP of Tennessee website

Memphis Wheel of Corruption

The information is overwhelming.  We have depicted Memphis in the Wheel of Corruption.  Hopefully this will summarize much of the information.

Click here for the web version of the Memphis Wheel of Corruption. 

Click here for the Flash version of the Memphis Wheel of Corruption.

Click here for the Executable version of the Memphis Wheel of Corruption.  This will download to your computer. 

The Cover-up in Tennessee

SNAP of Tennessee

SNAP of Tennessee is here to help victims of clergy sexual abuse.  We will stand by you, we will walk with you, we will believe you.  Give us a chance to show our concern.  Join a self-help support group.  Find out more about this. Contact us.

Tell us the names. Tell us where they are. Who is safe until you do? Why are we still having to ask for this?!

Each diocese has the answers.  We are not allowed to know.
Each diocese has the list.  We are not allowed to see it.
Each diocese has a secret group of abusers who are being hidden.  We are kept in the dark.
Each diocese knows the truth.  We are never told.
Each diocese hides their pedophiles.  Kids are not safe.  We cannot sleep at night. 
Clergy sex offenders don't make it to the state's sex offender list.  We ask that our officials find a way to correct this. 
We demand that our children, teens and vulnerable adults be protected.  We deserve at least that much truth from the diocese. 

Letter from SNAP of Tennessee to Administrator of the Diocese of Nashville.  Click here (Word).  Click here. (HTML)
Letter from Mike Coode, Coordinator of SNAP of Nashville, to Paul St. Charles.  Click here
Statement from survivors of David Kelley.  Click here (Word).  Click here (HTML).
Ohio Supreme Court to hear appeal from David Kelley's victims.  Click here

Information concerning press conference in Memphis, December 16th

Notes for press conference 011206

Click here to download notes for press conference.
Click here to download letter to Bishop Joseph Kurtz.